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Shrink film provides more convenient packaging for your products.
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In recent years, shrink film, sustainable packaging and green packaging have become a hot topic in China's food packaging industry. The sustainability has penetrated into all aspects of food packaging, driven by multiple factors such as retailers' demand, public awareness, economic pressure and policy. Related research institutes and packaging enterprises have begun to study the preparation and performance of new edible plastic packaging films.
Ordinary packaging provides convenience for people's life, but also produces packaging waste. This not only aggravates the environmental burden, but also reduces the possibility of wasting resources. With the rapid development of food technology and packaging industry, many new types of packaging materials and packaging are emerging. Among them, experts believe that edible environmental protection packaging materials will lead the sustainable development of food packaging industry.
The effect of the shrinkable film is becoming more and more beautiful and more functional. With the improvement of the quality of life, the diversification of the packaging film and the higher demand for the shrinkable film are also required. The heat shrinkable film is used for the sale and transportation of various products. The main function is to stabilize, cover and protect the products. The shrinkable film must have high resistance. Puncturing, good contractility and certain shrinkage stress. In the process of contraction, the film can not produce holes. Because the shrinkage film is often applied to the outside, the UV anti ultraviolet agent needs to be added. It has high flexibility, non breakage, strong blasting resistance, strong impact resistance, strong tearing resistance, strong pull force and can replace the bag. After heat contraction, after heat contraction, after heat contraction, after heat contraction, the two ends of the opening can be brought up, can bear the weight of the 15KG and facilitate the handling. The transparency is good, the transmittance is 80%, the product can be displayed, the product can be invisible, and the error of distribution in the logistics link is reduced. Damp proof is also reduced. Waterproof and dustproof, it can not only achieve packaging effect, but also beautiful products and protective products.
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